The special vision and creation of these cards are born from years of thoughtful dreaming.  Jean LaBelle has envisioned and masterminded card images throughout his life.  Yet, he has struggled dauntingly to see this vision come to life.

Jean had been deeply inspired by his artist father, Will LaBelle, who died while Jean was only 15 years old.  However, Jean went on to pursue his own path of art, delving into a love of graphic arts as well as music and performing arts such as magic and puppetry.

Through the years, it has been a looming dream of Jean's to create unique playing card designs that embodied the mystery which he has felt in his life.  He spent many hours dreaming of intriguing images for the playing cards which he set out to make a reality.
Jean LaBelle has been an avid fan of poker and magic since the age of 10 when he would delight at the card games which happened at his home with his artist father.  He grew to appreciate art as his father was a dedicated artist and instilled upon Jean many values of devotion to artistic craft.  His interest in cards expanded as he grew to appreciate magic and the magicians who used those same cards to mystify.

Jean LaBelle Age 12
Photo by Will LaBelle
During his teen years, both of Jean's parents passed away leaving him alone to his aspirations.  Through minimal support, Jean pursued many arts yet has found the pursuits to be filled with hardships as many artist do.

Jean had always sought after and collected cards that he found to have a special personality.  He wished that he could create a designs that would embody a special mystery and magic and yet stay true to the art styles of the great playing card traditions such as Bicycle, Hoyle, and Bee

Jean is first setting out to produce the Black Widow deck but will follow with a deck called The Mystic and also another magical design. 

Please visit the Kickstarter Project and be a part of bringing these designs to a reality.
YOU will be a part of bringing these cards to reality... this being through the wonders of a special KICKSTARTER project.  You are invited to visit the Project Page and help to make this dream a reality.

"I hope that you will enjoy these cards and I welcome any thoughts that you may have.  Please visit the contact page and send me a mail.  Check back as the website develops with interesting tidbits to help us all enjoy the wonderful world of cards." ~ Jean